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School Uniform

All students are required to wear the school uniform each day of school. The gym uniform should be worn on gym days only. Pre-K students are not required to wear the uniform. Students not in conformity with the uniform policy will be sent to the office. Parents will be called and asked to bring in the appropriate clothing. The closed-toe shoe policy is a safety issue; under no circumstances will students be allowed to wear open-toe shoes or sandals during regular school hours. The purpose of the uniform policy is to look like a team and to keep the students focused on learning rather than on fashion and material things. Please partner with us to make this policy a success. Gym uniform shall only be worn during gym class.

All students are to wear blue gym pants, and light blue t-shirts.

Girls 6th to 8th grade wear blue jilbab with plain navy or black hijab or black abayah.

JumperGirls KG-5th grade

  • Navy blue uniform.


  • Light blue official school shirt long or short sleeved, or turtle neck for cold weather.


  • Black dress shoes.
  • Boots maybe worn to and from school only.
  • No sandals.


  • White, black or blue.


  • Navy blue.
  • Front buttoned.
  • No denim, shorts or capris.

Boys KG-8th grade


  • Navy blue dress pants only.
  • No denim, or shorts


  • Light blue official school shirt.
  • Long or short sleeved shirt, or turtle-neck for cold weather.


  • Black dress shoes.
  • No gym shoes.


  • White, navy, or black.



    • Navy blue only.
    • Front buttoned.
    • No logos


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Color Days

Occasionally, students will be allowed to attend school without uniform. This will be announced. All Students are expected to adhere to appropriate Islamic dress. Girls in middle school must wear long shirts or abayas which are no more than 1” above the knee. Students who are not in compliance with this policy will receive one warning; if the student is not in compliance on a 2nd occasion, the color day free dress option will be rescinded for the remainder of the semester.