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Tuition & Payment Policy

Tuition Rates:
Annual tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:
Enrollment and material Fees: $250 and a $50 extra fee for new families.
Pre-K  Grades   1st child          2nd child        3rd child      4th child
$5,690  KG-8th     $4,850             $4,400              $4,100       $3,850

Other Fees:

  • Application Fee:

A non-refundable application fee of $50 for all new families is due at the time of enrollment.

  • Materials& Registration Fee:

$250 is due as a down payment at the time of enrollment.

11th & 12th Grade Part-Time Student Tuition:

  • Student is considered a part-time student if he/she is taking less than 6 subjects in the school.
  • Counseling fee $500.
  • Cost per class is $600.
  • All high school students must pay a minimum of $1000 if IIA is providing them with a transcript or graduation certificate.
  • If the student is required to take a college course, then it is the parents’ responsibility to pay for the course.



  • Early Registration Discount:  Until June 10, a $50 discount will be applied to the tuition for each child.
  • Referral Discount: Until August31,  a $50 discount will be applied to the tuition for a referral of any new family.
  • 11 and 12th grade part-time students are excluded from any discounts.
  • Materials and registration fees are also excluded from any discounts.


Down Payment:

  • The materials & registration fee for each enrolled child must be paid in advance as a down payment in order to reserve the child’s space in IIA. This payment is due by June 10, for current students and upon acceptance to the academy for new students.


Payment options:

1.     Lump sum:

  • Option 1: Payment in full made by May 31, will be eligible for a 10% tuition discount, excluding the Montessori and 11th&12thgrade part-time students.
  • Option 2: Payment in full within 1 week of student’s first day at school will be eligible for a 5% tuition discount excluding the Pre-K and 11th&12thgradepart-time students.

2.     Installments:

  • Option 1: The total tuition due will be divided into eight equal installments through Direct Deposit.  Each installment is due by the first day of each month from September through April; all payments must be received no later than April 1.
  • Option 2: Custom Payment Installments: A $50 processing fee will be applied for any custom direct deposit arrangement where the number of installment and the frequency is different than option 1


Payment Methods:

  • Tuition should be paid through direct deposit from a valid credit card or a parent’s bank account.
  • Cash or check payments are accepted under two conditions:
    • Paid in full at the beginning of the school year.
    • Paid in installments which requires approval from the Administration and $100 processing fee will applied
  • Payments are due by the first day of every month during school hours. Please make checks payable to the IIA.
  • All fees are excluded from applied discounts.


There will not be any scholarships or special discounts this year.

Late fees:

  • A late fee of $25 will be charged for late payments.
  • Checks returned for lack of funds by the bank will be charged a $25 service fee and must be replaced within 5 working days. Personal checks will not be accepted thereafter as a payment method.


Withdrawal from School/Tuition Refund Policy:

Student(s) who withdraw from school after a certain date will be obligated to pay a certain percentage of the full tuition. Student(s) leaving before:

  • October 1, will be obligated to pay 20% of the full tuition amount.
  • November 1, will be obligated to pay 40% of the full tuition amount.
  • December 1,  will be obligated to pay 60% of the full tuition amount.
  • January 1, will be obligated to pay 80% of the full tuition amount.
  • February 1, will be obligated to pay 100% of the Full tuition amount.

In addition, materials & registration fees are non-refundable.

Delinquent Accounts at Year’s End:

If an account remains delinquent at the end of the school year, student’s records will be held until the full payment is received and the account is brought up to date.