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3rd Grade Teacher Job Description

General Overview:

Elementary school teachers need to be able to design appropriate curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards and write lesson plans with a view to enforce learning and personal growth. A 3rd grade teacher will be required to motivate students and lead them to develop skills and attitudes that will eventually prepare them for middle school and beyond.

The major responsibility of a 3rd grade teacher is to establish lesson plans that take into account student individual abilities. Once this is in order, it is the duty of the teacher to teach a variety of subjects including language arts, social studies, mathematics and science. At this level, one teacher is usually required to teach all subjects to a class which is why she needs to possess in depth knowledge of all.


• Create, develop and implement core elementary school curriculum
• Develop lesson plans and impart education based on individual students’ abilities
• Assign homework and class work to students and assist them with queries
• Follow up on homework daily and give feedback to students.

• Provide special attention to students who may not be able to handle complex questions
• Teach a variety of subjects including language arts, social studies, art, science, mathematics, and physical education.
• Develop learning aids and materials using school funds for the purpose of teaching concepts in class

• Any developed learning aids will be the property of the school.
• Use a wide array of instructional strategies such as lectures, group discussions, centers, and inquiry to facilitate understanding
• Ensure that each lesson plan is translated into learning experiences so that instruction time is used effectively
• Establish and maintain standards of student behavior and ensure that it is adhered to
• Create effective environment for students by employing learning tactic through functional and attractive classroom displays
• Supervise students during classes to ensure that they are working properly
• Oversee outdoor activities to ensure safety of students
• Celebrate student work by displaying it on bulletin boards with a view to encourage them
• Ensure that teaching methods are adapted to the varying needs of individual students
• Work with teaching aides to develop and impart interactive classroom activities
• Grade class work and homework on a regular basis
• Prepare and administer test to evaluate students’ understanding of concepts introduced in class
• Observe students for behavioral changes and report any conclusive observations to the school administration
• Evaluate student progress periodically and prepare reports
• Confer with parents and guardians to provide them feedback on students’ progress and limitations
• Maintain accurate student records
• Prepare students for subsequent grades by encouraging them to participate in “discovery” projects


School Expectations:


  1. Abiding by the educational policies and guidelines of the school
  2. Working collaboratively and cooperatively with principal and other colleagues of the school community in implementing the principles of the Islamic educational community.
  3. Fulfilling the primary duties including , but is not limited to:
  1. Teaching and acting in accordance with Islamic doctrine and moral teachings.
  2. Knowing, teaching and acting consistently in accordance with the philosophy, objectives and policies of the school.
  3. Abiding by Islamic principles, including dietary rules and dress code.
  4. Engaging in on-going professional development.
  5. Cooperating in building the Muslim educational community.
  6. Serving the school as assigned by the principal and performing teaching duties in a professional and Islamic manner.
  7. Attending and participating in faculty meetings, school wide activities and projects.
  8. Participating and collaborating in school-related meetings,
  9. Maintaining complete and accurate records regarding grades, progress and attendance.
  10. Conferring with parents when necessary and/or appropriate.
  11. Attending all parent-teacher conferences, fundraising events, open houses, and other weekend and evening school events as required.
  12. Performing such other duties consistent with the work of a teacher as the principal may from time to time designate, i.e. lunchroom duty, playground duty, etc.
  13. Following curriculum chosen by the school.
  14. Supervising students at all times and never leave them unattended
  15. Teaching and supporting proper and respectful attitudes and good posture in all students.
  16. Refraining from engaging in negative or critical remarks or actions concerning any person, policies, guidelines, rules or regulations connected with the school.
  17. Directing all questions, requests, suggestions and criticisms on policies, guidelines, programs, rules, regulations, duties, responsibilities, curriculum, books, materials, persons and other related matters to either the Principal or the designated person for the proper answers.
  18. Refraining from soliciting, selling or conducting personal business during school time or on the school premises without the express permission of the principal.
  19. Maintaining punctuality and reporting to work on time every day based on the school business hours. Additional hours may be required for after school extra-curricular activities and/or tutoring, remedial tutoring, scheduled past 4:30 p.m.
  20. Agreeing to keep school matters confidential and professional within the school, and to not share school information with any individual or individuals. Sharing of confidential information is grounds for dismissal.
  21. No use of cell phones during instructional time, or while supervising students in non-instructional activity.
  22. No email checking or use of social media, including Facebook, during instructional time.


 Supervision Received: Principal

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. The Teacher will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other related duties as assigned by the Principal or appropriate administrator.